United Natural Foods, Incorporated, also known as UNFI, is a distributor of natural and organic foods, specialty foods, and related products in the United States and Canada. The previous sentence is all from wiki (not this one!) but it sums it up. This is where COUCH get most of their bulk foods such as beans, TVP, tofu, flour, and even bath tissue and paper towels.


The UNFI website

UNFI has their own website (unfi.com) which contains a lot of things you probably don’t look at. Most people from COUCH who interact with UNFI normally look at the customer login page (customers.unfi.com).

What does living with UNFI look like?

Once a month, you can expect that the UNFI order will come. It arrives in a 18-wheeler semi that looks almost too big for the street and always stops at Harvest house. Harvest and Brooks house are not the only ones who pick up UNFI orders, however. Other housing co-ops in the area and local vegan restaurants also submit orders with UNFI which get shipped to Harvest’s front door. So if you help with UNFI or live at Harvest House you may meet some friendly faces in the community that you wouldn’t otherwise see out and about on a Monday morning. People who help with UNFI, often house shoppers, get to move and organize the many pounds of bulk foods (and related products) usually as a coordinator position or out of the kindness of their hearts. From there the process is nearly over, some transactions need to be made but otherwise that is about it.

However, things don’t usually run as smoothly as that. Often times the truck will run late, shipments may be missing items and items may be damaged or even simply incorrect. Other times items will have run out of stock or the supplier no longer makes that particular item. Sometimes the drivers claim that the truck simply can’t fit in the street (which is a lie but I mean give ’em a break, it’s a small street and a big truck). So remember to always cross your fingers and hold onto your rabbit’s foot while the UNFI order is on its way…just in case.

How can I get Involved?

Do you want to get involved with UNFI? Do you love the thought of bulk food being organized by your powerful dexterous hands? I’m glad you asked! If you are interested please bring in up at a house meeting or just get talking with someone you know works with the UNFI order logistics.

Onboarding Process

Welcome to UNFI. You should have received a login and password for your account by now.

Had you forgotten your password and security questions and cannot restore the password on your own on the login page, please contact UNFI coordinator at Harvest House to assist you in recovering your password.


The schedule always repeats every 4 weeks(not calendar month) according to the UNFI calendar below

  • UNFI Year 2020 Calendar Week 3 is us
  • Order is Due on: Week 3 Monday 6pm on UNFI Calendar (see the link above)
  • Truck arrives on: same week on Wednesday

Order Arrival Time

Expect order arrives on Wednesday in the same week you placed the order on most occasions. For very very rare exceptions(last year it falls on to the Christmas Day), coordinator send out email letting people know when situation arises.

How to Order

Each organization has a login page on the UNFI website under “customer login” which they can use to browse items through a search engine and add them to their cart. The contents of the virtual cart are compiled and submitted by Harvest at the ordering deadline.


Payment is due at the time of pick up. It needs to be payable to Harvest House in the exact amount mentioned in your pick up email.

Pickup Time

We expect the pickup be made on the same day the pickup ready email is sent out. Harvest House has limited fridge space, and we cannot always accommodate all of the orders that needs to be refrigerated.

Late Pickup Policy

  • Same Day as Truck Arrival: No Late Fee
  • After That Day: $10.00/Day, capped at $50.00USD late fee total per order

Members should always pick up on the day of the truck arrival in a timely fashion.

Missing Items

If an item is missing but not due to out of stock situation, a credit will be issued for the following month. It takes a few days for UNFI to process missing items. So we do not know the exact amount until a few days later. To make life easier, you are still expected to pay the full amount at pick up, but the credit will go toward’s your next order.


In general, you should expect

  • 1 email sent 3-5 days before ordering deadline
  • 1 email sent at 6:00 am on the day of ordering deadline
  • 1 email notifying order is ready for pick up