Membership Coordinator

Fair Housing and the Urbana Human Rights Ordinance

The COUCH Application

  • Reasons for waiving the application (accessibility)

The Interview

  • Ask people if they have any accessibility needs before they come for the interview
  • Be prepared to handle food and animal allergies
  • Offer to conduct a video-call interview for people who cannot reasonably travel to the house for dinner. Microphones and webcams can be checked out from the library and can make video interaction a lot smoother.

Voting on New Members

  • Example spiel that membership coordinator should say before every vote about fair housing compliant reasons to vote
  • guidelines on how vote should go
  • No vote needs reasons

Notifying New Members of Acceptance / Rejection

  • form letter

When New Members Arrive

When the new member arrives at the house, it is important to make every possible effort to meet them when they arrive. This is both so that they feel welcomed to their new home, and to complete some of these must do’s:

  • Collect their security deposit (one month’s rent).
  • Have them fill out the check-in form, noting any damages and if the guaranteed bed, desk and chair are missing.
  • Give them a key to their room and an external key or the key code.
  • Make sure their lease is filled out properly and signed by both them and the COUCH president or treasurer.
  • Ideally, scan their lease and email a copy to them, creating a permanent copy for both parties.