Maintenance coordinator

The maintenance coordinator is responsible for making sure things get fixed, all things big and small, whether they do it themselves or call a contractor.

Project organization

Currently a list of Brooks House maintenance projects is kept on Trello.

Maintenance committee

The maintenance coordinator should keep in touch regularly with the maintenance coordinators at other COUCH houses 1. Stay informed of all COUCH maintenance expenses 2. Agree on what expenses are maintenance, how much to spend. 3. Share experience, tips, and recommendations

Annual things to check

  1. (IMPORTANT) Inspection of the fire extinguishers and vents above the stove
  2. Check smoke detectors
  3. Schedule a fire drill
  4. Help people install/remove AC units. The house AC units are stored in the basement storage room.

Working with contractors

Sassy contractor agreement form

This exists somewhere. Please add the link here if you have it.


Make sure these get paid promptly! The best way to do this is to bill the invoice directly to Daniel Miller at NASCO Properties. He is very quick about sending the payments, and this way no reimbursements need to be handled afterwards. For small, quick maintenance expenses (e.g. workday lunch or hardware store supplies), an individual or the house can be reimbursed by filling out the maintenance reimbursement google form.

Work Day

  1. Create a new document (e.g. as a copy of a previous workday’s doc) should be created each workday and saved with the date and year. This ensures a record of past workdays. Update the document to reflect the current projects: Some tasks are yearly and some don’t need to be done again.
  2. Plan a date and schedule a backup or second workday for people who are unable to participate/aren’t available on the main workday
  3. Make sure someone is in charge of arranging lunch (at least by the day before). Lunch is covered/reimbursed from the maintenance fund and is typically in the range of $7-8/person
  4. Make sure all necessary supplies for particular projects are acquired before work day.