Linc’s Maintenance Log & Observations

Welcome to my maintenance log! (with added observations/inferences about the house)
This page was written by linc; I moved to harvest during the summer of 2022.

Room 10

My room! During my time at Harvest I have made a few improvements + discovered a few things about this room.

Known Issues (past/present)

Ceiling dirt
When I moved in to room 10 in summer 2022, there was an existing issue with “dirt” falling from the ceiling on the northeast corner of the room. There was also water damage on the ceiling tiles in this corner. Shortly after moving in, I replaced the damaged ceiling tiles and sealed the tiles + trim so that nothing can fall from inside the ceiling. Room 10 (also likely other rooms), has tongue & groove ceiling tiles installed on top of an existing (likely the original) plaster ceiling. In room 10’s case, the plaster ceiling beneath the tiling is cracked + falling apart, which produced the “dirt” that would fall through + into the room. This problem was likely exacerbated by past water damage issues related to the chimney, which is immediately adjacent on the exterior of the house. In 2017 or so, Kai (maintenance coord. at the time) dealt with the water issue, which included some work on the roof surrounding the chimney. To my knowledge, this fix did solve the issue, but the water damaged wood/plaster in the ceiling was not removed/replaced for the most part, so water damage is still visible. I removed some water damaged paper(?) and shop-vac’d the ceiling as part of my repair.


  • I was able to find the ceiling tiles at menards, they’re called “Armstrong® Ceilings Washable White 12” x 12" Smooth Beveled Tongue & Groove Ceiling Tile"
  • The blue paint color can be found in the basement– I bought a quart or so of it at some point to fix some patches of missing paint
  • the light fixture in the closet takes a GU-24 base bulb. I found this at menards as “Feit Electric® 60-Watt Equivalent GU24 Warm White Puck Dimmable LED Light Bulb”

Fun Facts

  • this room was painted blue by Katie in 2017(shoutout). Prior to this, the walls were a deep green, which can be seen on the trim + outlets.
  • there is a steel pipe in the garage which can be used to change the setup of the closet so that the clothing bar/rack goes the other direction.
  • there are 2 outlets in this room, which may or may not be on the same breaker as the light fixtures

Room 3

Second Floor

  • GFCI outlet in second floor
  • repaired wall in north closet. This closet is where I found add’l components for the wifi system, as well as the programming codes for the house’s front + side door keypad locks.


Rooms 2 and 4

insert Contractor House saga here

Basement organization + tools

add a list of tools maybe?


I changed the south door of the garage to a keypad entry using a knob I found in the basement in summer/fall 2022. The code to the garage is written in the stairwell near the side door to the house, where the garage key used to be stored.


Much to come in spring 2023!