Harvest Maintenance Log

Current Problems

  • 1st Floor shower leak: properly caulk the shower
  • 1st Floor hole under sink
  • Water condenses on Basement HVAC vents/ducts (likely because of humidity)
  • Basement Humidity: get Inline dehumidifier
  • Knob and Tube Wiring, no ground wiring: more research needs to be done
  • Room 2 and 4 bubble flooring
  • Poor wax seal on Basement/1st Floor bathrooms: new wax seal (~$200 per toilet)
  • Cricket infestation in shed



  • Purchased June 2021
  • Have had issues with lint build-up in the dryer, which required vacuuming out the hook-up to the vent. Eventually bought a cleaning kit (Where is the cleaning kit?)
  • Make sure to check lint catcher twice - once before, once after drying


  • Replaced in 2020, now has two filters

Painting/Power Washing Porch and Fire Escape (Summer 2021)

  • Fresh Coat came and power washed/painted porch and fire escape
  • Not impressive - left paint and other supplies out repeatedly, spilled it on out lawn

Room 3 Ceiling Leak (May 2021)

  • Water began leaking through the ceiling of room 3, presumably from the bathroom above
  • Plumber (217) came and let us know that the seal around the toilet had been broken, likely from plunging too hard, and this was what caused the leak. Told us to use a crank to unclog the toilet in the future

Kitchen Sink Faucet (March 2021)

  • Kitchen sink faucet had uneven flow, which ended up being caused by calcium deposits in the sink aerator. Removed the tip of the tap with a wrench, using a rubber band on the tap to help with grip, and then washed tip of tap and soaked in vinegar to remove deposits

Floor 1 Toilet Bathroom Explosion (2021?)

  • See Google Group Emails (TODO: add more information here)

Floor 2 Bathroom (2021?)

  • Caulk was replaced along the wall, across from the shower, because water was leaking into the room below

Basement Baseboard Drainage (Summer 2022)

  • Estimated to last 10-25 years
  • If the floor beneath the water shut-off is wet after large rains, be concerned

Room 10 “Dirt” Falling from Ceiling (July 2nd, 2022)

See: Linc’s Maintenance Log

  • “Dirt” falling from ceiling in North East corner of Room 10
  • Ceiling tiles in the area were removed, the “dirt” was vacuumed, sealed the corners with caulk, and replaced the ceiling tiles
  • Why the “dirt” was there is unknown

Gas Leak (Summer 2022) TODO: add more info/better timeline of events

  • Gas leak in room 2, it was fixed, but another leak materialized in the hallway right outside the basement bathroom
  • Cause: Copper pipe degrading making more potential for leaks
  • Replaced by Mike Williams with a flexible gas line
    • Initially did a bad job, Ameren had to come to look at it, but then they fixed it and Ameren approved
  • We had to take cold showers and cook without a stove for a few weeks
    • Ender note: i kinda miss those cold showers

Room 3 Ceiling Leak (October 10th, 2022)

  • Occurred when water line backed up, and water was coming out of the first floor shower drain
  • Cause: Unknown, though we think it may be from a shoddy shower installation in the first floor bathroom
  • Ender note: This occurred on my birthday, very sad