Furnace and AC


A new system is installed on 11/20/2019 by Champaign Heating and Air Carrier System 2 Stage Furnace with 1 Stage AC.

  • 59TN6B100C21–22. 95% efficient furnace
  • 24ABC660A003 16 seer condenser
  • CNPVP6124ALA evaporator coil
  • KGADA0301 coil kit
  • Ecobee Thermostat with 3 remote sensors.

Duct Work

2 damper switches are located near the room closest to the laundry machine, but at the corner of the room. Both are attached to the duct work and very hard to identify without flash light. They should remain open to not cause confusion for future residents. One is routed to 2nd floor vent for the room that is furthest away from the stairs to the left of the 2nd floor bathroom, from which room a fire escape is also connected. The other one is destination is unknown.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Filters located on left and right side of the furnace needs to be changed monthly
    • left: 14x20x1
    • right: 16x25x1
  • NEVER run system without filters.


Main thermostat is on 2nd floor, 3 remote sensors are located in each floor.


Ecobee website has a detailed usage, community comparison, efficiency rating for our home. This can be access on both browser or mobile app. Login info should stay with current members.


Main thermostat can detect both humidity and temperature, 3 remote sensors are temperature only.

  • Basement: near the fire alarm in the hallway
  • Living: between bookshelves
  • 2nd floor: hallway
  • 3rd floor: in the corner of the hallway

Running Algorithm

Current running algorithm will run according to average of arbitrary numbers of sensors, it is currently running by average all 4 sensors.


  • 10 years Parts
  • 1 year labor
  • 20 years heat exchanger

Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance contract for heating, cooling and plumbing exist with Lanz Heating & Cooling, Inc.. Every year, furnace maintenance happens before winter, and ac and plumbing maintenance happens in Spring. Call to schedule.