Monthly tasks

  • Create new tab of Bills Spreadsheet for current month (reset all shopping and OOT numbers, and update parking)
  • Email the house asking for OOT dates, add these to the spreadsheet
  • Check bills (water and utilities) amounts and add to spreadsheet (usually available in the last week of the month)
  • Receipts Record shopping receipts from Finance Pocket for reimbursements and pay through Venmo or check.
  • Charge Email out final house charge amounts, and charge house members and boarders - through Venmo or by check.
  • Rent Checks bring/mail the rent checks to the COUCH PO box and email Daniella the Accountant (cc the COUCH Treasurer)
  • Summary Check bank and Venmo accounts and put the account balances in the House Meetings notes.
  • Wiki update check in on the wiki and make a small thing better.
  • Finance Committee Meet with the finance committee to keep up to date

Regular interactions with members

Member payments

  • Room rent (to COUCH) checks and brings/sends to COUCH PO Box (number 561 at Lincoln Square location) or gives to COUCH Finance Coordinator to mail
  • food rent (food charges, utility expenses, parking fee) and deposits in the Brooks Account (through Venmo (@brooks-house), or checks)
  • ‘food rent’ is calculated pursuant to the House Charge Form. The calculation is done on the Brooks Bills spreadsheet (Finance Coordinator can share the link with members.)
  • Payment plans if someone is unable to pay House Charges, the Finance coordinator arranges a Payment plan. (For COUCH rent, this should be arranged with the COUCH Treasurer.)
  • Out of Town (OOT): if someone is OOT for 4+ consecutive days, they don’t have to pay for food that week
  • Parking: parking at Brooks currently costs $17/month. Shoppers (specifically the owners of cars used for regular house shopping) get compensated for their gas/maintenance expenses.
  • Air Conditioning: Brooks charges an extra flat fee (per month) for AC usage to cover the increased electricity bill. See Bills Spreadsheet

Late payment fees

  • Make sure to contact people on the first and second if you don’t have their payments yet!
  • COUCH rent payment is due on the first of the month. Payments not made by the second (on the third or later) are subject to a $10 late fee (to COUCH)
  • House charge payment is due on the first of the month. Payments not made by the fourth (?) (on the fifth or later?) are subject to a $10 late fee (to the house)
  • Legal note: enforcement of these late fees is up to the discretion of COUCH or the house (whoever the charge is from) and can’t be based on protected class


  • Shoppers: Collect receipts from Finance Pocket. Shoppers not using the house card should be reimbursed.
  • Dinner: cooks can be reimbursed up to $10 per meal for purchasing their own ingredients
  • Online: approved online purchases should be reimbursed (make sure gets a copy of the receipt)


The Brooks House account is at Busey Bank. Deposits can be made through the mobile app. Checks to Brooks should be made out to “Brooks”

Other regular duties

  • monitor email account (
  • periodically check karma box for donations from guests
  • sign and leave UNFI checks on the first Monday of every month
  • fill in finance section of meeting agenda for every house meeting
  • order stamps when necessary
  • bring reimbursements for special items to a vote at the house meetings

Bill Payments

  • trash: every two months, $70, check arrives in middle of month (autopaid by Busey)
  • gas+electric: Ameren, price is variable (~$300-600) (autopaid through their system)
  • water: American Water, ~$100/month (autopaid through their system)
  • internet: $124.90/month (autopaid by Busey)

  • keep track of house bank account through Busey Bank to avoid overspending
  • send upcoming rent reminders and asks OOT people for dates indent: - $17/month for parking in the back lot ($2 if you are a shopper)
  • $15/month for an in-room A/C unit
  • $145/month for food -The most recent gas/electric/trash/internet bills are summed and divided by number of current house members

  • when CSA delivery starts, save a fixed amount per month to reach $1100 by Jan 1 (cost of two CSA shares from Sola Gratia)


  • Coordinates with the COUCH treasurer and with the Harvest House Finance Coordinator with questions before going to Daniella or Daniel and NASCO Properties
  • Gets 1-2 fewer cooking assignments each month, depending on the time of the year and amount of activity.