COUCH Secretary


General onboarding

First, go through the Onboarding for all new Board members.

Transferring email access powers

Get the password to the COUCH Board email address from the previous Secretary. (The password should also be recorded in a special document). Then follow Google’s instructions for changing your password.

If the password has been lost, you may need to reset it. Coordinate with the person who has access to the password recovery account for this one; Google will send that address an email that you will need. Then follow Google’s instructions for resetting your password.

Once you have access to the account, make sure the password can be recovered if it is lost. The recovery email account for this one is listed in COUCH account recovery structure. Follow Google’s instructions for setting up a recovery email address to make sure this is correct.

You may wish to make it easier to check your email by setting email delegation or automatic forwarding. If so, you can follow Google’s instructions for setting up email delegation or Google’s instructions for setting up automatic forwarding.

Secretarial duties

  1. Take, manage, and distribute notes from Board meetings.
    • Take ample notes during the meeting.
    • Take notes in the document with the meeting’s date (YYYY-MM-DD) in All COUCH Documents > Board Meeting Notes.
    • Copy the document over to the All COUCH Documents > Official Minutes folder. Remove everything except the header and the Proposals section. Simplify and check that the proposals section accurately summarizes all votes that were actually taken at the meeting. Rename the document with the word “Minutes” after the date.
    • Copy the contents of the Meeting Notes document (not the Minutes document) and paste it into an email to
  2. Act as a liaison with Daniel Miller, Jonah, and any other relevant community organizations (other co-ops, etc).
    • This gets done by multiple people???
  3. Help Board communicate to membership.
    • emails — including but not limited to: COUCH-related events, inter-house dinners, changes in rent/finance policy, changes in membership policy, important announcements, anything that affects all COUCH houses.
  4. Scheduling.
    • COUCH Board meetings
    • All-COUCH elections (and other events???)
    • keep track of deadlines
  5. Prepare agenda and announce Board and all-COUCH meetings
    • Create new document in All COUCH Documents > Board Meeting Notes with title = date of meeting (YYYY-MM-DD) by copying last meeting’s. Move the contents around, e.g. putting last meeting’s “Action items for next time” list at the top of this one, under “Action items from last time”. Clear out completed items.
    • Announce the Board meeting to all of COUCH, preferably a week or so in advance, and ideally also around 24 hours beforehand.
    • Solicit and compile meeting agenda items prior to meetings.
  6. Execute docs/reports according to law. (As described in the bylaws. This probably means record management.)
  7. Maintain COUCH website.
    • A document describing the COUCH website setup lives in All COUCH Documents > Website and Server Instructions.
    • Update COUCH website content
    • Upload/update pictures
    • Upload relevant COUCH/house files (e.g. bylaws, house handbooks, contracts, leases, asbestos form, Urbana tenant ordinance, etc.)
    • Co-manage Google groups with House membership coordinators
    • Troubleshoot website/email list problems.
  8. Update/copyedit/proofread leases, contracts, and legal documents when appropriate.
  9. Maintain COUCH computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  10. Manage inventory of office supplies used by COUCH.
  11. Maintain an orderly filing system for all COUCH documents and records that is accessible to Board members.
  12. Regularly back up critical COUCH records/data.