COUCH President

Main duty: meeting facilitation

Secretary is supposed to prepare the notes, but if they don’t it falls to you to make sure the meeting still happens and is documented. That means either doing it yourself or delegating someone else to do it.

It’s very difficult to facilitate and take notes at the same time, so delegating a temporary secretary to take minutes if the main one is gone is usually best.

“Martha’s Rules” are a great guide to keeping meetings focused:

(Following suggestions are from Alex, COUCH President 2018, and a great facilitator!)

I’ll usually call the meeting to order and move through the agenda, calling on whoever is responsible for the next item (e.g. officers giving reports, proposal sponsors, etc. ) take over for leading that section of the discussion while facilitating by taking stack, calling on people, asking for thumbs, etc. Discussion of things not on the agenda should usually wait until the end unless there is little to talk about that day. You can also call for breaks and adjourn the meeting when its done. You may have to interrupt people if they are breaking the rules of order or if it seems like the conversation is going in circles. I would also recommend looking into progressive stack; our meetings are small enough that I usually didn’t find it necessary, but it can be useful if you notice certain people dominating the discussions.

Secondary duty: Backup check-signer and bank account manager

The bylaws give both treasurer and president bank account access.

Make sure to go to First Federal at some point and get the login for our online banking.

Any money spent has to be approved by the COUCH board, with possible exceptions that will be discussed if they come up.

Secondary duty: Signing tax documents and yearly corporation registration

Every year the acting officers have to sign tax documents which our accountant, Daniella, will send us.

To remain a corporation in good standing with the state of illinois, once a year we have to pay a small fee and send forms into the secretary of state’s office.

  • Our filing date is May 14th
  • Our corporation file number is 59972677
  • You can file the paperwork electronically here:
  • We should get this in a calendar for the google group.
  • Form is simple, just names of officers change mainly.

Misc notes

  • Remember that you cannot vote on the board.
  • You can bring forward proposals, though, and when I did that I would often ask someone else to facilitate during the discussion for that proposal in the interest of fairness.