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Welcome to the COUCH Wiki!

Right now, the wiki is mostly a collection of coordinator role descriptions - if you’re onboarding to a new coordinator role, either at the house or COUCH level, this should be your first stop!

To do

Help improve the COUCH wiki! Wiki to do


The following is a must-read for membership coordinators at all houses! While some details of the membership process may vary slightly between the houses, there are some things all houses must do to avoid violating Fair Housing laws and to help us stay organized:

Onboarding for all new Board members

Brooks House

Harvest House

Randolph House


More Info on Wiki

COUCH has some scattered wiki presence: on LocalWiki and Wikia.

The Wikia wiki in particular is out-of-date and we’d like to put all our content here instead! But we need your help, brave COUCH member!

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